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(Ball of Foot)

For kick techniques, what part of your foot/leg you strike with is very important.  There is Haisoku (top of the foot), Chusoku (ball of the foot), Kakato (heel), Sune (shin), Hiza (knee), Sokuto (outside edge of heel).  In this installment, I'm going to talk about Chusoku (ball of foot).  


A kick executed with the Chusoku is extremely powerful.  For example, the difference in power between kicking with the Chusoku in a mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) compared with the Haisoku is similar to the difference between hitting with an open palm or the knuckles of a closed fist.  Of course, hitting the face/jaw with the Haisoku is still effective, hitting with the Chusoku is much more powerful.  

However, forming Chusoku and using it effectively is difficult and requires a lot of practice.  Many students jam their toes or kick an opponent's elbow or arm when trying to use Chusoku, at which point they shy away from using it again.  That is not good.  You need to challenge yourself and be patient.  I always tell students that there are plenty of opportunities to practice making Chusoku (or other techniques) outside of the dojo.  You can practice while watching TV, in the car, at the office, etc.  It's not necessary to work up a sweat, but rather to teach your body how to do it over time.  After you are comfortable making Chusoku, you then need to practice with making contact.  At first, you should do it nice and easy.  The receiving partner should hold pads in place, but not put a lot of power behind them.  As you get more comfortable, you can begin increasing power and speed... but it takes time.  Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day!

The following are some ways of incorporating Chusoku when kicking the face/jaw, temple, liver/ribs and leg.


技術編 総論


Main Targets for Chusoku


Variations for Chusoku


Using Chusoku in Jissen Kumite



Make sure to maintain proper distance and angle when practicing Chusoku with a partner.  Be patient.  Start nice and easy and gradually build up speed and power.  



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