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There are many different types of jump kicks (tobi geri).  In this installment, we're also going to talk about how to block jump kicks.  Tobi geri (jump kicks) are very exciting techniques, so many people like to try them.  However, jumping requires a large movement, which can make it easy to anticipate.  

There are 2 main important points to consider when doing jump kicks:

                           1.  Setting up your body posture before jumping

                           2.  Timing the jump correctly.

If you telegraph your movement in a way that tells your opponent, "OK, get ready.  I'm going to jump kick you now!", They'll probably respond with "OK, see you later!".  It's important to jump kick when your opponent isn't expecting it.  You can often do this by executing other techniques (i.e. punches, blocks, kick combinations) before jumping.  You should also set up your body posture jumping while doing these starting techniques.  To be successful, you need to practice in your body over an over, not just in your head!

People who are stiff are better off sticking to jump kicks that are delivered in a straight line (i.e., front snap kick, knee kick, straight back kick.  Stiff people will have a hard time executing jump kicks with circular motions, such as jump spin kick and jump roundhouse kick.  Limber people, though, should try these types of kicks in addition to straight techniques.






When it comes to blocking a jump kick, usually the further away the opponent is when he/she executes a jump kicks, the easier it is to see coming and to block.  Most effective jump kicks are delivered from fighting at an in-close distance.  From this position, a fighter will suddenly jump with a spinning kick or a kick that goes straight up.  For these types of jumps, fighters need to have powerful and sharp movement in their legs.  Jump kick techniques are gaining in popularity in big international tournaments.  As jump kicks become more common, it raises the excitement level of the tournaments.  Often, when a fighter jumps from an in-close position, the opponent is caught by surprise and freeze momentarily.  This is a very dangerous position to be in.  If your opponent suddenly jumps, you need to keep your hands in a good position and immediately push in.  Because both of the jumping fighter's feet are in the air, you can easily destroy their balance and technique by pushing in.  This is the best way to block.      






”Just sweat”である。

Jump Kicks #2

REMEMBER:  You need to practice over and over again--not just in your head.  

Train safely!  OSU!

                   Tobi Mawashi Geri

          (Jump Roundhouse Kick)

This is another Tobi Geri to execute in Jissen Kumite.

This is an example of a natural combination that incorporates a jump kick and puts your opponent behind your timing.

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